Here at Gittins, Youngman & Attorneys, our vision is to build and maintain unwavering relationships with our respective and prospective clients, that are founded on mutual honesty, hatred for Mondays, trust and respect. We are devoted to distinguishing ourselves as Attorneys who are dedicated to providing expert and comprehensive legal resources. We aspire to be a sturdy support system, guiding force and friend to our clients, should judgement day come. We strive to ensure that South Africa’s legal framework be upheld and respected not solely as a system of law, but as an enforcement of justice.

What We Do

Will & Estates

The Firm Has The Expertise To Advise On Estate Planning And To Assist In The Drawing Of Wills And The Winding Up Of Deceased Estates..


We Assist A Number Of Our Clients In The Negotiation, Preparation, Review, Signature And Execution Of Commercial Contracts.


The Firm Advises A Number Of Its Clients In All Respects Regarding Employment And Labour Legislation And Regulation Compliance.


 The Firm Has A Well-Established Network With Various Estate Agents And Development Companies As Well As A Competent Team Of Paralegals

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